cocccon crafts & loom

Drawn by the urge to make an ethical textile company, Indo-German project cocccon was founded in 2012 in the East Indian state of Jharkhand. where economic and social development is far away from reality. Most of the people live in extreme poverty. Lack of perspective leading young boys and girls to join rebel maoist groups….

Visit us @ Munich Fabric Start 2017

The MUNICH FABRIC START trade fair is an international textile trade fair that opens the new season for fabrics, ingredients and accessories twice a year. Visit us from 4th – 6th September at our booth during Munich Fabric Start.

Fashion 4 Biodiversity

The need for us to appear fashionable has put earth’s biodiversity in grave danger. The rise of mass fashion production has become dangerous and a major cause of destruction to our earth’s biodiversity. Excessive use of chemicals has destroyed or threatened the existence of many species of herbs, plants, birds, animals and insects. It has…