cocccon crafts & loom

Drawn by the urge to make an ethical textile company, Indo-German project cocccon was founded in 2012 in the East Indian state of Jharkhand. where economic and social development is far away from reality. Most of the people live in extreme poverty. Lack of perspective leading young boys and girls to join rebel maoist groups.

The biggest tyranny was, Jharkhand is the biggest place for silk worm cultivation, their cocoons are  famous in India. But most of the  farmers  hardly have any idea about it’s worth.


They sell the entire cultivation to agents for a really less price. These agents sell it to other agents and it goes on from one agent to another. In the entire process everyone makes   money except the poor tribal farmer, who worked hard to cultivate it.
Project cocccon decided to stop this bad practice and to utilize the cultivation of cocoons to make silk themself in Jharkhand.

Main goal was to involve the local community in order to create an economic perspective. They started to work on the biological and non-cruel process to grow and cultivate silk worm without using any kind of pesticide, fungicide or genetic spray.


Envolvement of local women groups was vital, most of the piercing of cocoons, reeling, manual twisting is done by local women. First they get a small training and later get directly employed. Getting themself financially independent makes women self confidence in life and they can make sure a better life for themselves and their families.
A lot of weavers from Jharkhand came back to their villages and started weaving for cocccon.

Dedicated to eco-friendly production, cocccon is proud to announce use of solar power reeling and spinning machine,this has enabled us  to develop  finer silk yarns to produce high-end luxury  fabrics.


With his philosophy of the 3 Cs – CREATIVITY CAN CARE COCCCON   is committed to bring contemporary design in the ethical, organic and sustainable fashion scene.

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