Production Services

With the motto of creativity can care we provide following services…

Customized Products:
We create weaves as per the specifications and requirements of our valued clients and as per the demands of the market. We supply most trendy and latest  silk textile with a perfect  coalition of color, pattern and trend.

Bespoke Manufacturing:
We produce bespoke fabric material for a range of well-known brands that are equally impressed by our ethically-made textile and our attention to detail within our bespoke, Design-It-Yourself range. The bespoke service comes with a minimum order quantity depending on what custom finishes or service you are looking for.

Small quantity:
Working with overseas market, we have made ourselves flexible enough to produce small quantity orders. Our plants are well equipped and our workers capable of giving full efficiency in case of frequent changes in styles. We are never rigid as far as the minimum order quantities are concerned and try to adjust ourselves to the marketplace demands.

We are committed to pursue high quality manufacturing, practice and ethical & fair employment practice facilitated by clean, safe & healthy working environment encouraging our workforce to supply consistently high quality products on time to our valuable customers. We do not encourage or employ child labor in manufacturing facilities.

For the Yarn Reference:
Organic or non-violent Silk yarn (Eri, Tussar, Mulberry, Gheecha, Muga, Katia, Matka etc.) for knitting and weaving.

Proper yarn selection is critical in the design of filtration fabrics as both the warp and fill yarns contribute specific properties to the filter fabric. Both yarns must be compatible for optimum cover uniformity producing a quality defect free fabric which when finished will be stable and uniform in filter efficiency as well as flow rate.

Warp yarns provide the tensile strength in the vertical direction as well as establishing the cake release characteristics. Warp yarns are generally smaller in size and woven closer per inch than fill yarn. They will generally have more twist per inch. It is the combination of the higher twist per inch and higher thread count that create the cake release characteristic. This also establishes the higher tensile strength in this direction.

The fill yarns establish the filtration (retention) qualities. These yarns may be larger and have less twists per inch. Decreasing the twist will increase the yarn “cover” and improve filtration efficiency. When designing the fabric warp and fill yarns, it is important that the ratio of warp and fill yarn sizes, as well as twists, be considered as they must complement each other and not distract from each other’s performance contribution. For example: extremely large fill yarns could reduce the cake release qualities of significantly smaller warp yarns.

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