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Cocccon–crafts & loom

World's largest producer of organic peace silk

Fabrics for life, environment & empowerment.

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Social Entrepreneurship turned, organic silk company Cocccon crafts & loom has changed the way world perceives sustainable fashion. This unique business model has created abundant employment opportunities in rural parts of India and expanded sustainable fashion choices beyond organic cotton or hemp with high quality silk.

The invention of organically produced cruelty free silk has made a large impact on sustainable luxury market. Fairly paid and highly skilled artisans at Cocccon have created wonders with production of luxurious cruelty free silk.

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cocccon crafts & loom will be pleased to assist you to realize your dream of making a sustainable fashion collection without losing glamour of mainstream high fashion. With the motto of creativity can care we provide a wide variety of luxury non-violent organic silk fabrics.

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